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Date : 2019-09-27

On September 27, 2019, there was held the 20th-anniversary celebration of the MBA Program at HYATT HALL. Honored guests, alumni, teachers, students, and employees participated in the event. The event started with the opening speech of Professor Mustafa Babanli, Rector of the ASOIU. The honored guest Professor Bijan Fazlollahi, Project Director of the MBA Program spoke about how 20 years ago together with Professor Rafik Aliev, in 1999 the MBA program was launched in partnership with the Georgia State University of the USA/Robinson Business School based on a grant from the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to establish an MBA program at the Azerbaijan State Oil and İndustry University (former Azerbaijan State Oil Academy).

 Then Professor Rafik Aliev, Director of BA (PhD, MBA, BBA and ZU) Programs,  Mr. Ulrich Eberhardt, former representative of Siegen University of Germany and now member of ASOIU and Associate professor Naila Hasanova, Deputy Director of the BA Programs  made speeches on the challenges, achievements and future goals of the program.

 An email received from professor Judy Quick addressed to Professor Rafik Aliev was read during the event. She had been one of the first GSU professors delivering lectures in the program and assisting for the successful program launch.

 Professor Mahammad Nuriyev, Vice-Rector of Khazar University who had been one of the lecturers at the start of the program and Professor Fuad Valiyev, Professor of Baku Higher Oil School, who attended the GSU on joint program “Partnership to Develop the Master of Business Administration Program and Faculty Capabilities” and  lectured at the program for about 20 years and alumni representatives shared their memories and wishes. The alumni representatives spoke on the tremendous role of the MBA program in their career and thanked the program management: 

Mr. Ilham Eminbeyli, alumni of 2004 graduation and instructor lecturing in the program for more than 10 years, currently working as a Financial Manager of BOSS Shelf LLC

Mr.Anar Mammadov, alumni of 2002 graduation, currently working as a Deputy Director of Finance and Commerce of the Caspian Pipe Coating LLC

Mr.Farhad  Parvizi, alumni of 2004 graduation, current position is Eurasia Business Development Director of Kentech Global Services

Mr.Elshan Rahimov,  alumni of 2003 graduation, current position: Head of Board of Directors of Barattson Company. He attended the GSU based joint project on “Partnership to Develop the Master of Business Administration Program and Faculty Capabilities”.

Mr.Imran Agayev,  alumni of 2006 graduation, current position is Procurement Contract Specialist in BP

Then a slide show about the 20-year history of the program was demonstrated. The event came to an end with cutting of the anniversary cake and collective photo taking. The event was accompanied by a music program provided by BBA and ZU students as a gift for the MBA program.

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