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Date : 2019-08-06

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Dear students!
In order to intensify relations with foreign universities and your main understandings about competitive courses, we invited professors from  Georgia State (USA) and Near East University:
1. Prof.Dr.Fazlullahi Afag, Georgia State University- "Business Communication and Professional Development" -   BBA 027 (30.09.2019-10.10.2019)
2. Asst.Prof.Dr. Gunay Sadıkoglu, Department of Marketing, Near East University- "Consumer Behavior" -   ZU 036 (16.09.2019-27.09.2019)
3. Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmet Ertugan, Department of Marketing, Near East University- "Marketing Intelligence, Implementation and Controlling"  -   ZU 038 (16.09.2019-27.09.2017)

Courses will be intensively structured:
- Will last for 10 days
- You can choose these intensive courses by submitting Your participation on this site
- Results of These courses will be added to Your GPA indicators.