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Date : 2018-12-17

Nowadays 2018 web seminar on the topic “Problems, challenges and perspectives on scientific research in the context of different countries (Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, and Germany experiences))” was held in BA Programs, ASOIU by moderator Agil Valiev.

The main purpose of the web seminar was to increase the knowledge and skills of students, to study the experiences of different universities, and to establish direct links with different universities in the field of science and researches.

The following scientific researchers from different universities participated in the web seminar:

-Azar Dilenchiyev, International Black Sea University, Georgia

-Dr. Christian Johannes Henrich, FOM University of Applied Sciences, Germany

-Halil Deligoz, International Relations Office, Ministry of energy of Turkiye

- Agil Valiyev, lecturer in BA Programs, ASOIU

- Naila Hasanova, associated professor, Deputy Director of BA Programs

The seminar started with the opening speech of assistant professor of BA programs department. Dr. Naile Hasanova. She talked about the joint activities of the program, the work they carried out, successful achievements in the scientific direction. In the end Dr. Hasanova wished succes to all participants in the seminar.

The lecturer at the International Black Sea University is an associate professor. Dr. Azer Dilənçiyev talked about the current changes in the field of scientific research in Georgia. Afterwards, the teacher of FOM University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Christian Johannes Henrich informed the participants about the current problems in the field of research in Germany. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy International Relations representative Halil Deligöz terms referring to research methods in the social sciences shared the experience of Turkey with the participants in this area.

The web-seminar was continued with answering the questions of a large number of students.