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The “Master of Business Administration (MBA)” Program was founded in 1998 based on the joint project “Partnership to Develop the Master of Business Administration Program and Faculty capabilities” between the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (now Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University) and Georgia State University of USA.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is one of the most prestigious systems of higher economic education in the world.

The characteristic of the MBA Program is such that those who are admitted do not necessarily need a BBA or its equivalent in economics. All who have a bachelor degree in either humanitarian or technical profiles have an opportunity to become  educated in the field of business administration.

This Master’s degree was first initiated in the USA more than 120 years ago and since then it has gained  wide popularity among business people.

Each person who  graduates from the MBA Program will have a universal education as well as an ability to manage business in every field.

The MBA Programs successfully work in all countries around the world. However not everyone abroad has an opportunity to complete an  MBA Program.

Since there is a considerable need for specialists in business administration, the MBA Program at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, in partnership with Georgia State University (GSU), has been established.         

    Drawing on their theoretical and practical experience the faculty from GSU provide the necessary assistance and support in preparation and delivery of the courses. Their expert consultations assure teaching quality.

The MBA Program has rich technical facilities such as computer labs and lecturing rooms equipped with the modern computer and audio/video tools.

The students, faculty, and staff have access to library resources organized on the basis of American standards. Library materials, with frequent support from our GSU partners, are constantly upgraded.

The Program is designed to comprehensively study 20 disciplines. These cover the basic principles of any selected major:

Since its inception, the MBA Program has gained wide popularity and there are many students who seek entry to it.

The student’s  motivation may be characterized as purposefulness, highly motivated with a desire for a successful career. As the analysis has shown approximately 35% of our students have natural sciences education, 30 % from humanitarian disciplines and 30% have an economical education. Almost all of them work in large companies and hold middle and higher managerial positions. Some students deal with entrepreneurship activity in spheres of small and medium businesses.

The MBA Program specializes in teaching business models and concepts that can be immediately adapted to the “real world” of business. It is designed to provide knowledge and skills in management, economics, finance, statistics, accounting, computer information systems and various other areas of business. The MBA degree is necessary for those pursuing the management career in a complex and challenging business environment.  The Program offers the graduate degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with majors in:










MBA with major in Operations Management

Operations Management (OM) focuses on the management of resources and activities that produce and deliver the goods and services for customers. OM can play a critical role in enhancing a company’s competitive position by providing superior products and services.

Operations Management is a major for students who wish to be involved in the management of operations process, i.e. the process of manufacturing, service delivery, distribution, and supply.

The major in OM provides a framework for linking all functional areas with specific skills developed for OM. The major also provides in-depth analysis of operations decisions such as new product development, project planning and control, supply chain analysis, quality assurance, project and process management techniques, and production systems planning.


MBA with major in Computer Information Systems

In today’s competitive business environment, Information Technology plays a central role in developing strategies for competitive advantage. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Computer Information Systems (CIS) provides students with the managerial and high-level technical skills necessary for effective business leaders.

Business and organizational processes are increasingly dependent on, and integrated with, information systems and technologies. All aspects of major business operations are dependent upon information technologies, with business professionals increasingly depend upon intricate networks of communication technologies. Many professions are dependent upon the creation, organization, and communication of electronic information.

The global economy has become a knowledge and information economy where products and services can be developed and delivered digitally.


MBA with major in Organization Management

Organizational management (business management, enterprise management) includes, in particular, the proper adjustment of the entire management system, setting the values and rules of the organization and the design of the organizational structure, the management of resources as well as day-to-day processes and performances.

 The area of organizational management is a cross-sectional field. In organizational management, strategic management methods, methods of quality management and efficiency methods are applied.


MBA with major in Human Resource Management

The MBA in HRM or Human Resource Management is the two year post graduation degree program for a graduate which basically means the management of employees in organization. MBA in HRM involves the specialised training program in human resource management like planning strategies, recruitment, hiring of employees, and training of employees.   

MBA in HRM or MBA in HR Management caters for those wanting to develop a management career in HR and strategy, the internationalization process and the shifting HRM agenda. This includes diversity, mergers and acquisitions, rapidly developing labor markets and emerging economics and international leadership.During MBA in HRM, you will experience a challenging and stimulating intensive course in management, with an HRM perspective, to enhance your personal and career development. To facilitate this you will use, share and reflect upon your experiences alongside those of your Learning Team. You will be allocated to your small multicultural 'Learning Team' during induction. A few Learning Teams are combined to form tutorial groups, with each having their own personal tutor.  


Key Features of MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management):

  • This MBA in HRM is a challenging and stimulating intensive course in management studies.
  • A course for those wanting to develop a management career in strategic human resources.
  • Share and reflect upon your experiences alongside those of others in your multi-cultural 'Learning Team'.
  • Provides you with a thorough grounding in Business HR Management via integrating the main functional areas through the application of strategic HR management.


 MBA with major in Marketing

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs with a concentration in marketing delve into advanced topics in advertising and consumer behavior. 

The MBA (Marketing) teaches one about about creating, communicating and delivering a value to satisy the target market at profit.

Creating-its about the creation of product (it may be tangible or intagible), one should identify unfulfilled needs and desires. Also pricing it accordingly.

Communicating- where you want to sell the product? Plus promotions (atl like media ads, btl like canopy section etc). Tell your target market what is the product, its use, why its unique?

Delivering a value- For example the sales guy should help his customer in buying process. Who are our people and are there skill gaps? Packaging of product (tangible) like for example a mobile set; it should withstand against any stress while shipping. Delivering a value its all about what company promised about the product right from its unique selling proposition to everything which makes the product useful for the customer till expiry date of the product)

MBA marketing emphasis on theory (curriculum & case studies) lectures are delivered by permanent faculty or visiting faculty, guest lectures

Apart from marketing subjects one studies organization behaviour, basic HR, basic accounting & financial management, IT for managers(about computer,ms office, internet,apps), economics (as one should know demand vs supply, how economy, govt policy in total how macro and micro economics affect products), total quality management, quantitative techniques, entrepreneurship and etc. 


 MBA with major in E-Governance

The MBA in e-governance programme aims at identifying and fulfilling the requirements of the changing role of technology in administration. The Program would prepare the participants for successful planning and implementation of e-governance initiatives and would enable the participants to build collaborative networks with software engineers and IT professionals. 

Objective of MBA in e-governance is to provide quality higher education with emphasis on educating the public by offering respected, relevant, accessible and affordable, student-focused programs, which prepare them for service and leadership in a diverse community.

This Program focuses on building e-governance leadership capability aims to build an e-leadership capacity amongst aspiring candidates.  These courses will give students the fundamental skills they’ll need to not only manage a business but know how to successfully navigate the technology they’ll need to do it.

 The programme gives students broad knowledge on developing a modern state, its transition to e-governance and paperless management. Studies include a wide overview of administrative and legal aspects of e-governance. 

  • The programme focuses on designing, developing and improving governmental systems and implementing e-government components on every state level
  • Specialization in IT, innovation/services in public and private sectors or adoption and marketing of e-governance
  • User-oriented services offered by the government that are based on ICT


MBA with major in Business Informatics

The Master of Business Informatics offers an interesting combination of economics and computer science. In addition, topics such as information theories or general-technical subjects are included in your curriculum. Furthermore, you will deal with psychological, legal and economic factors, which will prepare you for your degree and your laterworking life  

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Informatics program is designed to provide the technical expertise and business acumen students need to seek advanced positions in the IT and business sectors. Those pursuing an MBA should have completed an undergraduate program.  

An MBA in Information Systems provides learners with an overview of business topics, such as finance,marketing, while emphasizing proven management theories and a variety of leadership styles. Once enrolled, students develop the management expertise and technological knowledge required to lead businesses to greater efficiency. 


MBA with major in Econometrics

MBA in Econometrics exposes students to a thorough and rigorous treatment of basic econometric methods. Students will learn the assumptions of all basic estimators and the implications of these assumptions on the resulting estimates through mathematical proofs. Most of the material will focus on linear models; however, some nonlinear cases, such as limited dependent variable models and generalized methods of moments, will also be discussed. Examples in Finance and Economics will be used to provide context.

This program discusses the best practices in empirical quantitative research in Business. The focus will be on research design for causal inference in the subarea of corporate finance and on competent error correction and estimation techniques in asset pricing. Following from the theoretical basis covered in Foundations of Econometrics, this course will teach the best practices in quantitative research  methods.






Students admitted to the MBA program in  ASOİU  should submit the documents in the following link for registration:

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