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Rafik Aliyev                      

In 1998 professor from Georgia State University (USA, Atlanta) Bijan Fazlollahi and we made a proposal to the US State Department about the establishment of the MBA Program in Azerbaijan. At that time, this proposal was approved and in 1999 we started training specialists at MBA Program. We started with 7 students, and today the number of students admitted to MBA Program is more than 150 every year. But the quantity is not the main criterion. We have passed this long, hard but fruitful way. Within this period more than 1000 alumni have graduated from our Program.


Today we have modern technical facilities of high quality, a rich library, and a very good faculty - about 100 professional faculty members significant of which are trained at Georgia State University of the USA (GSU). And the most significant importance is high ethical standards.


We have achieved our main goal. Today there are presidents of large firms and holdings, vice-presidents, high ranked managers and government officials among alumni. In other words, today a lot of MBA alumni hold key positions in business and governmental structures of Azerbaijan. A lot of them are working abroad: in Canada, USA, Turkey, England, Germany, Austria and other countries.


Now the program has been expanded with the following majors: Econometrics, Organizations Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Electronic Governance, Computer Information Systems, Business İnformatics.


In follow up, the “Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)” Program was founded in 2001 based on the joint project “Partnership Program to develop the Bachelor’s   Business Administration Program and Faculty and Administrative Capabilities” at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. Majors include Managerial Science, Business Economics, and System Engineering.


The “Bachelor Program of “Business New Technologies” was founded on 2002 based on the joint program on “Collaboration program to develop the Bachelor of Emerging Technologies” between Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University and Siegen University (Germany). Majors include Economical Informatics, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics, and International Marketing Management.




New PhD Program has been launched in the BA Programs which is also developed in partnership with the Georgia State University of the USA. The program covers the following majors: Business Administration, Marketing, and Computer Information Systems.


In line with the mission of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, the BA Programs aim to provide research-oriented teaching experience to its students and train highly qualified PhDs that possess competitive knowledge for local and international markets and share values of democracy and high professional ethics. The Program strives to generate new knowledge and meet educational and training requirements set in this field by the contemporary society.


Within this period the Program has become a Research Centre and the professors of the program have issued a lot of scientific works and books in the field of economy and business. Tens of books are published in the World Scientific, Springer, etc. and thousands of papers are published in SCI and SCIE journals.


Furthermore, BA Programs try to increase its International relationships with line of foreign universities like the University of California of Berkeley, USA, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, University of Siegen, Germany, Caucasus University, Georgia, etc.





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