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In line with the mission of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, the Program is aimed to provide research-focused teaching experience to its students and train highly qualified PhDs that possess competitive knowledge for local and international markets and share values of democracy and high professional ethics. The Program strives to generate new knowledge and meet educational and training requirements set in this field by the contemporary society.


The Program was developed in partnership with Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business (Atlanta, USA). 


Aim of the PhD Program at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University is to equip students with theoretical basis in the field, to develop skills necessary for academic learning and research and to give them necessary knowledge. As the part of the program, students will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also skills for successful continuation of their career in scientific research and academic fields. Graduates will be able to apply contemporary research methods to generate new knowledge and use the best available teaching methods to educate others, in line with the contemporary standards in academia to improve control over current challenges. Education received as a part of the program, will be a sound foundation for a success in future professional development for doctorate students and will enable them to synthesize theoretical and practical knowledge.


Doctorate students will be able to apply and to test their theoretical knowledge in number of scientific projects as a part of the seminars. Key to success of this program is to provide doctorate students with experience on how to combine theoretical and practical knowledge. Namely, doctorate students will be able to start research activities in different directions, demonstrate their professionalism, and gain experience in relationships in a business environment. This is an initial step for successful start of scientific or academic career.



Learning objectives

 Graduates of PhD program in business administration will possess in-depth and systematic knowledge and relevant skills in business administration field.

Doctorate students will develop the following competences and general skills, as well as skills and knowledge related to specific subjects:


  1. Knowledge and Understanding

Evidence-based contemporary knowledge that allows revisiting and improving current status of knowledge, or applying innovative methods (in line with requirements for peer-reviewed manuscripts); understand new frameworks that emerge after revisiting and renewing current knowledge.

  1. Critical appraisal of scientific literature
  2. Capacity to analyze business institutions
  3. Study origins of managerial theory and its development


  1. Practical Application of Knowledge

Plan, implement and supervise innovative research studies; develop innovative research, analytical methods and approaches that are oriented to create new knowledge and can be published in international peer-reviewed journals.

  1. Knowledge and ability to collect data and to use innovative analytical methods
  2. Skills to conduct research independently
  3. Determine connection among organizational behavior variables and analyze them
  4. Conduct scientific research relevant to the field of study
  5. Apply managerial concepts to business practice.


Analytical Skills

Critical appraisal, analysis and synthesis of new, complex and controversial ideas and approaches that create a basis for development of new methodologies; independently identify right and effective solutions for problems. 

  1. Data analysis and synthesis skills
  2. Strategic planning and decision-making skills
  3. Cognitive skills
  4. Skills to synthesis different theories in the field.


  1. Communication Skills

Present and link new information with existing knowledge clearly and argumentatively; participate in thematic discussion with local or international scientific communities.

  1. Be a part of a research team
  2. Teaching and pedagogical skills
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Skills for appraisal of scientific works and formulation of relevant recommendations.


  1. Learning Skills

Readiness to develop new ideas and processes based on contemporary achievements and knowledge for teaching, work and research.

  1. Study and use innovative methods for data collection and analysis
  2. Prepare and publish scientific manuscripts
  3. Skills to conduct large-scale business studies
  4. Study, critically apprise and use models in the field of management in research activities.


  1. Values

Study and develop innovative approaches for establishing values

  1. Skills to internalize, study, teach and promote ethical standards and apply them at their scientific work.
  1. Skills to internalize, study, teach and promote social corporate responsibility principles and apply them at their scientific








3.Computer Information Systems


4.Risk Management in Business and Economics


5. Intelligent Information Systems


6. Mechatronics and Mobile Robots



PhD Program entry requirements