About Us


Date : 2017-04-20

        The “Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)”Program was founded in 2001 in accordance with the joint project “Partnership to develop the Bachelor of Business Administration Program and Faculty and Administrative Capabilities” at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

         The BBA PROGRAM  between the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and the Georgia State University is funded by the grant from US State Department.

         The BBA Program is planning to train Requirement Courses and Majors on business knowledge and prepare specialists who will be able to work in state and non-state organizations.

         BBA Program is designed to provide a broad general education on the core business knowledge of “Computer Information Systems”, “Management”, “Finance and Accounting” as well as the skills to prepare students for top level positions in private, Administration public and non-profit organizations.

         The program offers the graduate degree of BachelorAdministration (BBA) with majors in:


  • 050407-Managerial Science
  • 050409-Business Economics
  • 050632-Computer information systems