About Us


Date : 2017-04-20

 The “Master of Business Administration (MBA)”Program was founded in 1998 in accordance with the joint project “Partnership to develop the Master of Business Administration Program and Faculty capabilities” at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.The Program between the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and the Georgia State University is funded by the grant from US State Department. The MBA PROGRAM specializes in teaching business models and concepts that can be immediately adapted to the “real world” of business.It is designed to provide knowledge and skills in management, Administration finance, marketing,  international business and various other areas of business.

         The MBA degree is necessary for those pursuing a management career in an increasingly complex and challenging business environment.The program offers the graduate degree of Masters Administration (MBA) with majors in:

  • 060404 Econometrics
  • 060407-Organizations Management
  • 060407- Human Resources Management
  • 060408- Marketing
  • 060409-Operations  Management
  • 060410- Electron Governance
  • 060632-Computer Information Systems
  • 060632- Business İnformatics