Welcome to the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University BA programs

Speech of Rafik Aliyev.

In 1998 professor from Georgia State University (USA, Atlanta) Bijan Fazlollahi and we made a proposal to the US State Department about the establishment of the MBA Program in Azerbaijan. At that time, this proposal was approved and in 1999 we started training specialists at MBA Program.We started with 7 students, and today the number of students admitted to MBA Program is more than 150 every year.

Speech of Bijan Fazollahi.

At one time there was little or no need for business education in the planned economy of the former Soviet Union. With the demise of the U.S.S.R., however, and the emergence of private versus state-owned companies, developing a workforce that could deal with the new free market system became paramount.Rafik Aliev and I were honored for our efforts in building the program into what is now considered to be one of the best MBA programs in the country.

What is an MBA

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